Meet the SplatterBlats!




Larry is known to say “I’m hungry”.  It gets annoying after a while.  Sometimes, he tries to eat space junk, but, his friends tell him it’s bad for his complexion.  Larry doesn’t care, he just wants to eat.  He’s often cranky and tells his friends don’t mess with me.  His friends are fine with that - they don’t want to mess with him because he’ll just boss them around.  Larry loves butterflies; his sole reason for invading earth is so that he can spend his days running through grassy meadows chasing butterflies.


Bonsai is a sneaky SplatterBlat.  He is skilled in the art of stealing.  He has an obsession with the Bonsai plant which is native to Earth.  Once the SplatterBlats have invaded Earth, his plan is to steal all the Bonsai plants and dominate other planets with his army of Bonsai plants.  He acts mysterious with his friends so that they don’t figure out his grand Bonsai plans.  Not that they would care - they have their own reasons for invading Earth!


Jolene is a friendly furball without the fur. She always has a joke to tell and keeps her friends laughing out loud. She loves to socialize with her fellow SplatterBlats, throwing huge dinner parties where she serves up belching llamas, a favorite on SplatterPlanet. If you are going to hang out with a SplatterBlat, Jolene is the one! She is everybody’s best friend.


Guillermo, known to his friends as Gui, is a fiery, action-loving SplatterBlat with a soft spot for dogs.   He loves to dine on habanero peppers and once the SplatterBlats invade Earth, he plans to consume all the habaneros on the planet.  Gui is the life of the party, so, it’s not surprising that when he enters a room, the party has begun!  Just be sure to keep your dogs on a tight leash around him; he’s been know to take home “stray” dogs he finds on the street!


Spookie is a clumsy, but lovable Splatterblat.  He likes to think he is scary, but, in reality, he is afraid everything, including kittens!  He is very polite, always saying please and thank you, but, be careful about inviting him to your home, he might break all your toys!  His favorite movie is Ghostbusters and when he invades Earth, he plans to get the autograph of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  Good luck Spookie!


Hubert is a childish SplatterBlat. He is very curious about everything, especially bananas. One time, his buddies dared him to go to Banana Planet. When he got there, he discovered that he loved bananas so he ate all the bananas on the planet but one.  He brought it back to SplatterPlanet so he could plant it and grow more, but, he failed miserably at this. Now, he his goal is to get to Earth to eat more bananas.