Instructions and Tips for Gameplay


  • Goal – Save Earth from the Splatterblats!!!

  • Slice or Smash the Splatterblats that are aiming for Earth. 

  • Slice a Splatterblat = 1 point

  • Smash a Splatterblat = 2 points!

  • Earn game Splat Cash by using skillful slicing combos

  • Don’t hit the Astronaut – he’s on your side and helps to heal the Earth

  • Lose a life for each SplatterBlat that hits the earth or each time you hit the astronaut

  • 4 lives lost?  Game Over!

  • Earn enough points and you get a life back.

  • Don’t want to deal with lives lost?  Play a game based on time and see your skills. 

  • Bored with your saber or background?  You can purchase different sabers and backgrounds for $0.99.  Better yet, use your Splat Cash to purchase them!

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